Fish & Seafood


49- Pla Grapong(Bass)


1- Steamed sea bass with lime, garlic and hot sauce.

2- Fried sea bass with spicy chili sauce.

3- Fried sea bass with sweet and sour sauce.

4- Grilled sea bass with Thai herbs.

50- Choo chee

Choo Chee Authentic Thai Curry is a thick Thai red curry with coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves, which can be paired with any type of seafood.

51- Goong (PRAWNS)

Goong means prawn, we use prawns in our cooked for you option.

1- Prawns cooked in the oven with ginger and glass noodles.

2- Fried prawns with tamarind sauce.

52- Hoy Malang Phy (Mussels)

Today Malang Phu means mussels, another popular one in Thailand that can be used with a variety of dishes.

1- Stir-fried mussels with Thai chili paste and basil.

2- Hoy Tod, Thai crispy pancake.

53- Talay Ruam (Mixed Seafood)

Talay means sea and Ruam means mix, our sea mix is ​​ranges, squid, mussels and sea bass fillet.

1- Mixed seafood stir-fried with basil, served in a hot pan.

2- Mixed seafood stir-fried with curry powder.

Coconut rice

Fried rice with egg

Steamed jasmine rice

Sticky rice

Yellow egg noodles

Rice noodles

French fries with curry sauce